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How we started

Our first greenhouse

We helped in the garden since we were very little. In 2018, when we were in 3rd grade, started Leon & Levi's Fresh and Local with our Dad.

We planted our first seed in March 2018 one night after we got home from a basketball tournament.

That first season we learned from Allen Pedersen in his garden. Allen was 100 years old and still liked to be in his garden. We grew vegetables and flower baskets and flower -pots our first year. We sold about $1700 worth of flowers and vegetables.

The first seed we ever planted

Working in the garden a couple years earlier

Picking strawberries at Garden Hills Berry Farm

Jax planting flowers way back at 5 years old

Planting our first hanging baskets

Flower garden

Harvesting carrots with Allen

Planting on the March evening



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